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Love affairs. They can be sweet and intense, rich and complex. Sometimes we share our love with people. Other times, we fall in love with a place. Dawson City is the homeland of the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in First Nation. Rich in culture and steeped in history, it’s a community inspired by gold, a natural resource that fuelled adventure, ambition and greed, not to mention a fair share of social and political divisions. With its clapboard siding and dusty streets, the dome and the Downtown Hotel, Dawson conjures the past. It also beckons a future as a new generation of residents make their mark. Stories North sent students into the streets of Dawson asking people what they would say if they could write a love letter to the town, acknowledging that love, sometimes fleeting, sometimes forever, rarely follows a simple trajectory.  



Stories of community and connection in the North. 


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