Old Crow

Love affairs. They can be sweet and intense, rich and complex. Sometimes we share our love with people. Other times, we fall in love with a place. People and place are inseparable in Old Crow. The land defines everyone who calls this community home. Old Crow is the Yukon’s most northerly community. It’s north of the Arctic Circle. With the exception of the occasional ice road, it’s fly-in only. The population ranges from 250 to 280 people. A place rich in culture and steeped in history. It’s the homeland of the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation.

Stories North travelled to Old Crow, walking the dirt roads to ask people what they would say if they could write a love letter to the town, acknowledging that love, sometimes fleeting, sometimes forever, rarely follows a simple trajectory.   

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Stories of community, culture and connection in Old Crow. 

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Old Crow may be a small place, but it lingers in hearts and minds long after a visit concludes. We will remember the heat of the late-summer sun, big skies (often filled with the smoke from wildfires in Alaska), the scent of fresh cloudberries and Labrador tea wafting over Crow Mountain, the sizzle of just-caught Chinook salmon over a fire. Most of all, we will remember and think of the people who call Old Crow home.

Thank you for your patience as we learned from you. Thank you for making us feel so welcome. Mahsi Cho.

The participants of Stories North 2019 put together a series of portraits to celebrate and honour you. Please watch the video below.


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